Criteria for the prize winner
The purpose of the Prize is to celebrate efforts in innovative organizational and structural areas, forms of collaboration, methods of communication and non-conventional thinking. A prize winner should:
seek to root museums in contemporary society by operating in close contacts with the world around and have a keen awareness of people’s needs
inspire, gather and disseminate experiences from international and national collaboration
maintain a broad perspective on learning and develop the museums’ interdisciplinary methodology
show flexibility and quality in developing museum operations
contribute to the development of staff and activities with a sense of commitment and enthusiasm, demonstrate richness of ideas and a non-conventional approach.

Prize winners 2009-2017

Hans Manneby Memorial Fund, c/o Elisabet Olofsson, Duvnäsgatan 1, 5th floor, SE-116 34 Stockholm, Sweden, phone + 46 70 49 52 913,